Capabilities and Services

Formspace boasts a large range of CNC technologies, and with this we can cut an array of materials in a variety of different ways to produce incredible outcomes. In addition to our machining services we are able to provide 3D modeling and drafting; consultation on materials, process and design; along with prototyping and batch production.


3 axis and 4 axis CNC routing

Our 3 & 4 axis CNC router was custom made to Formspace’s specifications for the widest range of applications. It’s able to cut a wide range of materials from MDF, plywood, solid timber, plastics, foams and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and brass . The extended Z axis grants far thicker stock to be carved than normal. The 4th axis rotary is able to act as a CNC lathe, but with the added capability of generating asymmetrical forms, flats, or joinery features.

Flat Bed Cutting Area: 3000mm x 1500mm x 300mm.

4th Axis rotary: 500mm Diameter x 2800mm long.


5 axis cnc routing

5 axis CNC machining allows for unique range of outcomes due to the dual rotary head. This means that holes can be drilled at any angle, edges can be profiled in sweeping changing angles and complex joinery can be cut. There are also substantive efficiency increases when carving surfaces, as the router bit can be perpendicular to the surface. Some notable applications include part trimming of laminations and large scale molds. Its able to cut MDF, plywood, timber, plastics and foam.

Cutting Area: 2400mm x 1200mm x 550mm.


Laser Cutting

Formspace’s laser cutter can engrave and cut a large range materials, from MDF, plywood, plastics, card, foam, leather; plus many more. It features dual head lasers, one being 180w suited for cutting and heavy engraving, the other being 80w suited for laser engraving and finer materials.

Cutting Area: 2400mm x 1200mm